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Why Volunteer in Indonesia

The satisfaction to help and improve a good cause.

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Why Volunteering in Bali

Here is a great reason to supporting a good cause with volunteer work.

Volunteering Means

  1. Youth care
    • Volunteers work in orphanages, care centers, kindergartens, and special needs centers. You will help children get ready in the morning, play games, assist with homework and mealtimes, etc. These are very well-rounded volunteer placements that allow you to bring your own interests and passions in to share with the children.
  2. Teaching
    • Volunteers work alongside local teachers cross Indonesia. You do not need to have previous experience, just energy, enthusiasm, and patience. You can teach English to teens or adults, and if you have the necessary skills you could also teach IT, music, or sports.
  3. Conservation and Environment
    • Volunteer focus on preserving some of the most beautiful and vulnerable ecosystems. Whether you are volunteering in a rainforest, on the coast, or in a nature reserve, you will be working alongside our dedicated local staff to protect the area and raise awareness about the importance of conservation.
  4. Building volunteer
    • involve some of the most important work needed in developing communities, including setting up basic infrastructure. Volunteering to building schools, libraries, and homes lays a foundation that supports locals even after your volunteer work abroad has ended.
  5. Green volunteer
    • Volunteers get their hands dirty helping schools and communities raise crops to support themselves. Green volunteers also have an important role to play promoting responsible and sustainable farming practices in the communities in which they are working.
  6. Performing Arts
    • are great for those who have a background in music, dance or drama and a passion for sharing their skills with another community. Volunteers impart their knowledge about their art form while learning the local traditions in their destination country.

Stand Out

Your resume will be attractive and exceptional. Volunteering for a good cause helps you impress peoples, because it shows passion, drive, motivation and commitment, all qualities that are highly sought after by society.

Improve your skills

Volunteering is a great opportunity to improve your skill set. Most engagements will give you to level up on time management and communication skills. Other valuable transferrable skills are:

  • leadership skills,
  • creative skills,
  • nonverbal skills,
  • problem solving
  • and relationship building

Community Network

Volunteering will introducing you to a new community, giving you a chance to understand its needs and the people and businesses that are influential. You will meet new people, which may help you in the future, build your references and put you in the path.

Positive Energy

Research show that volunteering makes happy. Who is positive and passionate is most attractive to employers. The joy and confidence you get from volunteering will come through life.

Gain Work Experience

Your dedicated volunteer time counts double. You will gain experience in number of areas, from planning to marketing. If you are currently free, working for a good cause fills in the gaps in your resume.

Reasons for Volunteering

Most volunteers simply want to help, to do something important, and/or to assist others in need.

  • Exposure to challenging new problems
  • A chance to demonstrate commitment to and interest in the underserved
  • A chance to put philosophical convictions into action
  • A chance to overcome new kinds of obstacles
  • Encountering interesting new cultures and customs
  • The adventure of travel to exotic, faraway lands
  • A chance to learn new skills
  • A chance to teach
  • Belief that such work is inherently worthwhile
  • Belief that the volunteer is simply "cut out" for this type of work
  • Belief that volunteering is a good life experience for self and family
  • Feeling guilty that one is comparatively well off

Volunteer Summmary
  1. Flexible schedule
  2. No entry requirements
  3. Immerse in other cultures

“It was completely worthwhile and very affordable for my low budget. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a bit of an eye-opening adventure. I have gained a lot of perspective in the last couple of weeks and took on my role as part of the community.”

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