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Indonesian Credit Converting

Indonesian study credit system and how to transfer.

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Credit Converting

We understand how important getting academic credit is for you. That’s why all of our programs are created with credit transfer in mind.

The credits at the University of Warmadewa are granted directly as ECTS credits. Each course is granted with 5 ECTS credits and are convert to 3 credits points (CP). It is common, that students studying abroad usually take 20-30 ECTS credits per semester. All Bali Studies courses are equal to Bachelor or Master level courses.

The total scope of an Indonesian Bachelor’s degree is 144 credits. One Indonesian credit is equal to 16 hours of work. The length of the Bachelor’s program is four years, which is common for a Bachelor of Hons. Credit earned from unaffiliated study abroad programs is treated as transfer credit and is subject.

Obtaining Credit

  • Full Course load
  • Appropriate courses
  • For major or minor
  • General education requirements
  • Credits for internship or volunteer

Indonesian Credit Stystem

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