How to prevent culture shock

Strategy To Avoid Culture Shock

Tips to deal with culture shock in Indonesia.

FAQs Culture Shock Prevent Shock Phase

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Best Practise to avoid Culture Shocks

Prepare yourself for the up and downs entering a different country and culture as well as returning back to your country.

What is a Culture Shock

Culture shock is the effect of being cut off from your familiar culture, environment and norms.

  1. Being cut off from a familiar culture
  2. Experiencing a different environment and norms
  3. Acclimatising to new and seemingly strange surroundings

Culture Shock Phases

  1. Honeymoon Phase
    • You love all: differences, people, foods, architecture, doing things.
    • This phase can last days, weeks, or months.
  2. Honeymoon is Over Phase
    • You see differences not in a good way.
    • You might feel anxious, angry, sad, and/or irritable.
  3. Negotiation Phase
    • You decide whether you will succumb to negativity or make the most of your experience.
    • You find back your sense of perspective, balance, and humour, and move on to the next phase.
  4. All's Well, or Everything is OK Phase
    • You feel now home with the differences in the new culture.
  5. Reverse Culture Shock Phase
    • Once you have become familiar with the way of doing things different, you can go through the same culture shock phases when you return home.

Overcoming Culture Shock

Following these tips should help you to acclimatise to Indonesia and discover a whole new world of cultural meanings and knowledge.

  1. Understand and appreciate your culture and business practices.
    • Understanding lead us to empathy and tolerance, which is important for building rapport and maintaining relationships.
  2. Learn as much as you can about the new culture as an intercultural training.
    • differences like: Appearance - Accent - Manners - Habits
    • differences that cause: Attitudes - Beliefs - Values - Perceptions
  3. Get Active
    • find your new hobby, explore Bali with your mates
  4. Stay in Touch with family and friends at homme.
    • Also build new friendships.
  5. Keep a sense of humor ;-)
  6. Travel
    • Go trekking, explore temples, attend cooking classes, learn Bahasa Indonesia and, most importantly, don’t look back and say what if…
    • This is a once in a lifetime experience – enjoy it!

Culture Shock Summmary
  1. Be patient
  2. Keep in touch with home
  3. Laugh :-)

“I was not classified as an international student in Bali since I held an Indonesian passport. Nevertheless, I familiarized myself with Indonesian through the lens of other international students at the University as well as my own international upbringing. I had made friends with several people from an international background and it was fantastic to be a true tourist in my home country and to reacquaint myself with my Indonesian roots.”

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