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Insurance Abroad

Purchasing travel insurance can be an inexpensive way to protect yourself in case of an emergency.

Your health and safety being abroad will depend on the choices and precautions taken prior to, during, and following your time overseas.

Before you departure, make sure that you arein good health, have received any immunizations that are required and have learned about the health and safety conditions in Indonesia.

Why International Health Insurance

During your trip, you may need to see a doctor, have a prescription filled, receive care at a hospital, or deal with an unexpected medical emergency.

  1. Some health plans do not cover illnesses or injuries incurred outside your country. Some plans will cover such expenses, but at a reduced rate.
  2. Most health plans do not cover medical evacuation.
  3. The Sickness, Accident and Medical Evacuation benefits provided by a travel insurance company can help protect you against unforeseeable costs. Insurance companies provide services with their plans that include round-the-clock support during unexpected emergency situations.

International Insurance

Here is a list of international insurances.

International Student Card

This card is in same time a identification and a student discount card. You can save handful of dollars on your journey. There are worldwide student discounts offered on travel fares, restaurants, shops, hotels and much more. It also carries medical benefits, emergency evacuation fees, and some protections.

Insurance Summary
  1. Strongly Recommendated
  2. At least International Health Insurence
  3. Most flexible - World Nomad

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