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Budget you overseas education in Bali.

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Study Budget

Your life-changing experience can be realized for less than you may think. Even when study costs are the same, the in country costs can wipe you out. Keep in mind, Bali is not London, Paris, Tokyo or New York. Studying in Bali is probably cheaper than one semester at home!

You can backpack on a very small budget and you get far more out of travelling with less money anyway. We are here to give you all the best tips we have learned from all these years of travel, and to help you.

Live Like a Local

Immersing yourself in the local culture is one of the best ways to save money. If you are hanging out in a bar or restaurant full of foreigners you are probably spending too much. Locals know where to go and how to save money.

We encourage you to travel independent and make you own experiences. It gives you the freedom to decide how and when travel in and to Asia. You decide how much you will spend on the your journey.

Saving Money

Let’s face it, you can save an extra buck whenever you can.

  • Use your bank or credit card wisely
  • Use the kitchen
  • Traveling on dime
  • Explore the country
  • Use pubic transportation
  • Skype / WhatsApp
  • Watch the exchange rates
  • Get closer to local students

Common Budgets

  • Accommodation
    • Budget: 6-10€/US$ (dorm) 10-25€/US$ (private)
    • Mid-Range: 30€/US$
    • Splurge: 60€/US$
  • Food (Meal For One)
    • Street food: 1-3€/US$ local warung meal
    • Restaurant: 5€/US$
    • Very nice restaurant: 15€/US$
    • 1.5L Water: 0.30€/US$
    • Beer: 1.80€/US$ (big bottle)
    • Beer in a bar: 4€/US$ (big bottle)
  • Transport
    • Motorbike Rental 4€/US$/day ; 40€/US$/month
    • Public Ferry: 5€/US$
    • Flights within Indonesia: 30-50€/US$

Additional Cost

The costs are based on our experiences and are examples of average. The costs are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Beside the tuition and the application fee, you’ll need to consider the following expenses:

  1. Flight
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. Visa
  4. Accommodation
  5. Food

1. Air Fare Ticket

The flight ticket will take the biggest part from your budget. With the confirmation for your Bali Studies Program, you can start to search for flights. This makes it very convenient to book flights in advance.

The best way to go to Bali is to find the best deal from your place of departure to one of the South-East-Asian hub (Bangkok, KL or Singapore) and book a connecting fly with Air Asia or Lion Air to Bali. Student fares can be the best deal and the cheapest offer with more flexibility. Don't wait until the last minute.

Budget for flight: 500–1.000 €/US$

2.Travel Insurance

The cost of the travel insurance depends on your choice of package. There are different packages as late arriveal, luggage, health, and more. A common travel insurance (health and fly) for four months in Bali costs about 220 €/US$.

Budget for travel insurance: 20–70 €/US$ month

International Health Insurance

We recommendate you to have a international health insurance, which cover all major cost. Make sure, that the international health insurance cover at least a back transportation and cover all cost for hospitalization.

Budget for international health insurance: 20–40 €/US$ month

Laguage Insurance

You can take an additonal insurance for your luggage, so your valuable things will be covered. Think wise, as it is common that all airline companies are required by law to handle any damage and loss.

Budget for additional insurance: 10–30 €/US$ month

3. Visa

With the formal confirmation from the University of Warmadewa or your placement, you will apply in your country for the social visa (Social Budaya), you have to account for the first 60 days from your stay 45 €/US$. You can extend your visa by your own or use an agent. For a small fee the agent will take all burdon from you.

The cost of the visa is related to your leanth of stay. Visa expenses do not generally exceed 180 €/US$. Find out more.

Budget for visa: 120–180 €/US$

4. Accommodation

It is common that students share the accommodation with other students. Most students travel solo and decide after getting known the other students during the first weeks of study in Bali.

The price for the accommodation depends on several factors. In Bali accommodation can be found for 100-300 €/US$ a month. A villa in Bali is best for a group of 3-6 students and range about 500-1500 €/US$ a month. The villa offer several amnesties as private pool, maid and the opportunity to organize private parties as it is common in Bali. Sharing a villa with a couple of mates will cost approxiametly each 200-300 €/US$ a month.

Budget for accommodation: 100–300 €/US$ month

5. Food

Food in Asia is very cheap. If you like to eat out, you can get delicious and healthy meals below 1 €/US$.

Budget for food and drinks: 200–500 €/US$ month

Budget Summary
  1. Share a villa
  2. Living cost are low
  3. Recommendation: International Health Insurance !

“My biggest piece of advice is to jump into the experience and make every effort to have the time of your life, you might feel like you are in the deep end but I promise you that you will look back at these times as some of the best times of your life.”

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