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Scholarship database for studying in Asia, Indonsia and Bali. Short and sweet.

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Bali Studies Scholarship

Every year, we offer our own scholarships for students interested in study in Bali.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Begin your scholarship search include your school guidance counsellor, professional associations, service organisations, your university's alumni association, and Google.

There are grants and scholarships available for study abroad, internships abroad and volunteer abroad. Some Fund offer scholarships each year or the International Education Financial Aid is also a good resource with lots of scholarships listed that you may be eligible to apply for.

If you are currently receiving a Federal Grant, you may be eligible for a International Scholarship. Also, check with your school's Office of Merit Awards and Scholarships to see what else may be available.

Financial Aid

Your college's financial aid department is a great place to start the scholarship and grant search. Make sure that your financial aid office is helping you utilize your federal and state aid for your study abroad program.

Many students receive university credit for the study abroad program. You may also be able to transfer your current financial aid package if your university has approved you to receive credit for the Bali Studies Program, Bali Internship or Bali Volunteer Program.

Scholarship Resource

Area Country Support Source
Global Worldwide Bali Studies Scholarships UNWAR Scholarship
Colleges Scholarships Blogging, Minority, Woman,...
ETS - TOEFL Scholarship Program
Fund my travel Crowd Fund
Google - General Scholarship
Google (Anita Borg Memorial - Woman/Asia) Scholarship
Go Get Funding Crowd Fund
Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe Fellowship
Scholarship Net International Scholarship Program
South-East Europe VSP
Special for Woman Program
Studyportals Scholarship
World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program Scholarship
America Canada Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund Student loan
Mexico FUNDED Master
USA Ancora Foundation Ancora Foundation
Federal Student Aid
Barry Goldwater Scholarship
Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship
Boren Awards
Carnegiee Endowment for int. Peace Fellowship
Caterpillar Foundation Scholarship
Department of Education Government
Education Abroad Fund
Exxon Mobil Scholarship
Fastweb Data base
Foundation for Global Scholar Scholarships Overview
Freeport McMoran Scholarship
Fullbright Scholar Program
Fund for Education Abroad Fund
Gateway Scholarship
Global Studies Foundation Scholarship
Golden Key International Honour Society Scholarship
Harry Truman Scholar
IIE Education
Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
Luce Foundation LS Program
Student Loan
NAFSA General source
National Academies Fellowship
NASFAA Financial Aid
National Restaurant Association Scholarship
National Security Education Board Scholarship
NIAF Scholarship
Phi Kappa Phi Award
Ronald McDonald Scholarship
Rotary Club Scholarship
Scholarship America Scholarship
Shawn Carter Foundation International Scholarship
Tourism Cares Student Program
University Language Service Scholarship
USINDO Grants / Fellowships
Asia Singapore Government Scholarship
Thailand NGO Scholarship
Europe Austria campus02 Stipendium
Nieder Österreich (Ausland) Stipendium / Beihilfen
OECD Grants
Private Stipendien Datenbank Stipendien Datenbank
Regierung Außenministerium
Stipendium Allgemein
WU Stipendium
Czech Zdenek Bakala Foundation Scholarship
Denmark Anna Lindh Foundation
Danish Industry Foundation Industries Fond's
DIS Scholarship
LegatNet Legatfinder
Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Edu Main Page
Northwest Danish Foundation
Finland Finlandia Foundation Nationa Scholarship
Hanken Scholarship
Kela Student
LSR Grant
Suomi Grants and Aid
France N + I Grants+
Germany Auslandsfoerdrung (Studium + Praktikum) BAFOEG
Absolventa Stipendium
BMBF Stipendiumlotse
Baden Württemberg Stipendium
DAAD (Studium + Praktikum) Datenbank
DAAD (Indonesien) Programme
e-fellows Datenbank
Haniel Daniel Stiftung (Süd-Ost-Asien) Stipendium
Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung Stipendium
Inwent Stipendium
MINT Stipendium
Stipendium Plus Stipendium
Stiftung des deutschen Volkes Stipendium
Stiftungsindex Stipendium
Stiftungsverband Stipendium
BB Bank - KfW Studienkredit
Bundesregierung Bildungskredit
Career Concept Bildungskredit
Commerzbank KfW Studienkredit
Deutsche Bildung Bildungskredit
HypoVereinsbank - KfW Studienkredit
Festo Bildungskredit
PSD Bildungskredit (Besuche eine Filiale) Bildungskredit
Sparkasse Bildungskredit
Targo Bank - KfW Bidlungskredit
Greece Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation Scholarships
Hungary Ballasi Institute (HSB) Scholarship
Visagrad (VSP) Scholarship Program
Netherland Nuffic Scholarship
Norway ANSA Scholarship
Lanekassen Go Abroad
Legatsiden Legater
Legathandboken Legathandboken
Serbia Visagrad (VSP) Scholarship Program
Spain Becas FARGO Global Program
Sweden Adllibris Adllibris
AllaStudier Stipendium
FinAid Aid
Global Program Grant
Government Financial Aid
Lansstyrelserna Lansstyrelserna
National Agency for higher Education Education
Stipendieguiden Source
Stipendier Stipendielistan
Studentum Stipendium
Swedish Funded Program Scholarship
STINT Scholarship and Grant
Swiss Auslandschweizer Organisation Stipendium
Berufsberatung Berufsberatung
ETH Finanzierung
Rektorenkonferenz der Schweizer Universitäten General
Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft ESV
Studienfinanzierung Allgemein
Ukraine Visagrad (VSP) Scholarship Program
United Kingdom Alphawood Scholarship (SOAS) Scholarship
Government Development Loan
Helena Kennedy Foundation Scholarship
Leverhulme Study Abroad Trust
England Student Finance
Oceania Australia Acer (AISS) International Student Scholarship
Australian Scholarship Group Scholarship
Australian Government Awards
Scholar 4 Development Scholarship Development
The Nippon Foundation For Indonesia
New Zealand British Council Asian Award
NZ Embassy ASEAN Scholarship Program
AUT International Scholarship
Gordan Watson Scholarship
New Zealand Aid (For Indonesia) Scholarship
Bali Studies Program
Bali Bachelor Program
Bali Master Program
Super Bali Studies Program