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Moving in Bali

Grab your ride

For the time of your study in Bali, renting a scooter is advisable. This requires an international driver’s license. Your local driving license authority will issue your international driver license. It is also possible to get a driver license in Bali.

You can rent from one of the plenty rental stations a motorcycle daily, weekly or monthly. The cost for rent vary and can be on monthly base 700-800k.

Bus and Taxi

Bali has plenty of taxis and since 2011 public transportation. When compared to international fares, the taxi is inexpensive. Bluebird Taxi have a taximeter, the driver are trained and mostly speak good English.

The public bus takes a fixed route at a fixed fare per journey, no matter which route or distance is covered. For using Sarbagita, the single journey costs IDR 3,500. Students are paying reduced fare IDR 2,500. Bring your student card with you.

The public bus Sarbagita have fix routes, called koridor and operates in general between 9 am - 9 pm. Check in advance the specific route, to ensure to get back.

  1. Kota (DPS) - GWK
  2. Batu Bulan - Nusa Dua
  3. Tabanan - Mengwi - Bandara
  4. Mahendradata - Sanur - Lebih
  5. Ngurah Rai Airport - Renon

Angkot, Ojek, Grab

The Angkot is a minibus and in part with the public service vehicles in Bali. The Angkot continuously follows its route. They are blue-colored and boarding or leaving is possible at any place. The Angkot stops, when a person on the roadside lifts his hand or you inform the driver that you liked to get off. The price depends on distance and can be subject to negotiation.

The Ojek is a motorcycle taxi and a good choice to reach the desire location. With the motorcycle, you will get quickly though the traffic. It can be for some Indonesians an additional income, hence private drivers offer this service.

Since 2015 there are affordable transportation, which can be easily ordered through the GoJek or Grab App. Take a look in the Play Store for the official and widen recognized green app. It is an option for the daily drive to the University, shopping and short trips. Both offer ride by motorcycle and by car, and more.

Transportation Summmary
  1. Rent a motorcycle on monthly base
  2. Download the Apps GoJek and Grab
  3. Sarbagita is the cheapest option

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