Study Abroad Buddy Program

Share your study abroad experience with your mates.

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Study Ambassador

As an Education Ambassadors you share the benefits of the study abroad experience with your mates. Through classroom visits and hosted events, you are able to share your experiences abroad with your peers while promoting awareness of the Bali Studies opportunities on campus.

Ambassador Activities

The activities from a buddy are quite simple, you do it already.

  • Share your study abroad experiences
  • Assist with events and orientations
  • Connect with club and organisation
  • Support study advisor and student bodies
  • Hang posters on your campus
  • Posting on social media
  • Write a blog, articles or reviews

Simple, have a talk during a meal in the mensa, gathering between a class or putting before the class begins a foil on the beamer. That´s it!

Ambassador Rewards

  • Be the globalisation on your campus.
  • Expand your network to other students.
  • Gain valuable competencies in counselling as a mentor.
  • Develop leadership qualities by education and practice.
  • Receive a professional reference upon completion of the program.

Ambassador Criteria

Your are enrolled, excited to go abroad and post regulary your awesome experiences, while being abroad. Great, you are the one!

  • Enrolled undergraduate or post-graduate student
  • Passion for going abroad
  • Sociable, creative with superb communication skills
  • Active social media user
  • Well organized and reliable

Ambassador Award

You can undertake an integrative program during your study abroad, which includes a combination of cultural outings, networking opportunities and special events at no extra cost.

Undergraduate and post-graduate students with study abroad experiences and leadership skills or the desire to lead, ability to interact with diverse students, and the willingness to help other students.

This ambassador scholarship is only available to incoming fee paying study abroad students for the semester noted in the application. Become a Bali Studies co-Director.

Ambassador Scholarship

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Ambassador Nomination

  • 8 - 10 weeks after application is close.
  • Application close: December 15th.

Ambassador Summary
  1. Handle social media
  2. Share your impressions
  3. Respresent study abroad on your campus

“I’ve inspired so many other students to apply not only for Warmadewa University, but to go abroad in general. When other student check out my abroad photos, they often say: "Awesome – that’s the most beautiful place in the world.”

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