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Business Study Program

Bali Studies Program is an one semester study abroad program at the University of Warmadewa (UNWAR) regardless of whether you are an undergraduate or post-graduate student.

The study program have a focus on these subjects:

  • Business, Management, Marketing
  • Culture
  • Communication / PR
  • Economics
  • South-East-Asia Studies
  • Tourism

This study program in Bali is open for all students, those who are interested to spend a semester abroad and/or have a special interest in South-East-Asia. Even if you are currently not enrolled at any school as you are in transition from the undergraduate program to the post-graduated or simple take a break.

Warmadewa Study Courses

Bali Bachelor (BB) Bali Master (BM)
International Tourism Management Tourism Marketing Management
Business Management Organisation Behavior
Marketing Management Human Resource Management
Marketing Research Marketing Research
Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia
Intercultural Management Intercultural Management

Study in Bali Credits

According to the “European Credit Transfer System” (ECTS), 30 ECTS points can be transferred to your home university from the study program, which is equal to 18 Credit Points (CP). Some study programs are not interdisciplinary, hence not all courses are credited. Bali Studies offers you concentrations which correspond to your major or minor.

The subjects in the Bali Studies Program comply with the international standards and requirements of academic programs. The courses in the Bali Bachelor and Bali Master are at least accepted as additionally chargeable courses.

Course requirements

All courses, projects and excursions have an attendance of at least 75% during the Bali Studies Program. Complying with this compulsory attendance is an entry requirement for the final exams and may lead to failing the course.

Course Schedule

Classes will be hold from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday excursions take place and participation is mandatory. The local companies visit aim is to receive a first insight into doing business in Indonesia. Alternatively, guest’s lectures can take place or you take hand on the Integrated Special Project.

The Indonesian Language course is mandatory. Advanced speakers contact us for further information on intermediate level language course.

Guest Lecture

The Bali Studies Program focuses especially on the fact that the guest speakers are invited, who are executives of resident companies or NGO. The focus lies on Expatriates. It contributes to the deeper understanding for specific local characteristics and at the same time you benefit from the experts experiences. The feature hereof is the combination of theoretical knowledge, practical application, lecture, own experiences and expert’s knowledge.

Integrated Project

The lectures are complemented with the special project. You are divided into teams and the organisation of the tasks and the action is assigned to you. As future executives, you have the possibility of the practical experience. For the orientation tools will be given to you, which support you at the assignment.

Course Concentration

The Bali Studies Program offers you concentrations in Economics, Marketing and Management. At the beginning of the semester, further information will be announced by the University of Warmadewa. The major will prepare you to use your skills while enhancing and broadening your general academic knowledge. A course concentration will be organized only if sufficient number of students elect a concentration.

Study Summmary
  1. Bachelor and Master level
  2. Open to world-wide student
  3. Quick acceptance

“Studying abroad was an experience that I've always looked forward to and can now always look back on with no regrets and only good memories! I will definitely be back.””

Bali Studies Program
Bali Bachelor Program
Bali Master Program
Super Bali Studies Program