Why study at Warmadewa University

Why University Warmadewa

Studying at the Balinese University.

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Why Warmadewa University

The application to study in Bali at University of Warmadewa is easy and quickly your application will be confirmed.

  1. Modern campus
  2. Social foundation
  3. Central location
  4. 7 factulties
  5. 19 study programs
  6. Over 10.000 students

Application FAQ

Studying in Bali.

  1. Who can apply: Bachelor and Master Students
  2. - Bachelor Students: From 3rd Semester - Master Students: from 1st Semester - Not current enrolled: Bachelor and Master
  3. Requirement:
  4. - Fill applicaiton, - official transcript of records or degree, - copy 1st page passport, - 1 biometric foto.
  5. Language test: No
  6. Letter of Acceptance: Official confirmation February / July
  7. Visa:
  8. - Apply with letter of acceptance - Duration 2-4 weeks - Students visa: 3 days
Study Summmary
  1. Applicaiton close: January / June 15th
  2. Semester Start: April / September
  3. Semester duration: 4 months

“The best part of being in a university environment is the diversity and openness. Students are always willing to learn from new cultures and there is always something to learn from them.”

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Bali Bachelor Program
Bali Master Program
Super Bali Studies Program