Wonderful Indonesia

Wonderful Indonesia

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Study 1.000 temples Country Life

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Republic Indonesia

The Indonesian region comprises around 17,000 islands, has about 256 million inhabitants and is the 4th most populous country of the world. The capital city Jakarta is is vibrant and the mirror of the diversity. Here, the tradition meets the modern life style.

Located at the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate with two seasons. The dry season begins in May and ends in September. The rainy season begins in October and ends in April. The temperature consistently throughout the year is at 25-35 C. The average sunshine duration is 12 hours.

With a rich flora and fauna, the Indonesian flowering is throughout the year and enchants with its abundance of color and variety of species. Because of this diversity and abundance, as well as the mild climate, people in Indonesia lead an easy-going life - throughout life and in all society.

Indonesia is diverse and unites more than 300 different ethnic groups. These unique cultural identities have developed over the centuries. Indonesians will surprise you many times and make your stay enjoyable and interesting. Lots of questions will be asked and everyone will want to try their English with you.

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Island of Thousand temples

Bali has many names: island of the Gods, Shiva, island of 1.000 temples and others. The Balinese are very religious which also reflects in the countless temples. Every house has its own temple. Bali’s capital Denpasar is also the biggest town.

Balis History

The Balinese have strong spiritual roots and despite the large influx of tourists over the years. Balinese people are Hindu, yet their religion is very different from the Indian variety. Naturally creative, the Balinese have traditionally used their talent for religious purposes and most of the beautiful work to be seen here.

Shrines associate with the many gods and spirits, uniquely Balinese, are found all over the island. Most villages have at least three main temples.

Balinese Life

Life in Bali is very communal with the organisation of villages, farming and even the creative arts being decided by the community. The local government is responsible for schools, clinics and roads, but all other aspects of life are placed in the hands of two traditional committees, the Subak and the Banjar.

Balinese Events

Every day small offering trays (canang sari), containing symbolic food, flowers, cigarettes and money, are respectfully put on shrines, in temples in front of houses and shops, and at dangerous crossroads.

Festivals are another great occasion for soothing the gods. This kind of event is extremely exciting, memorable and well worth attending.

The Hindu New Year Eve is celebrated in spring, it is a day of silence. During this day, everybody stays at home. The day before this occasion, there is a festival procession. Everybody, the young and the old are awake in Bali during this night. All are called upon to participate in this event.

The days of Galungan and Kuningan are some of the most important feast days. Further ceremonies take place throughout the whole year, given by the Balinese calendar system. This calendar differs considerably from Christian calendar in time and length of the year.

Indonesia Summmary
  1. Over 17.000 islannd
  2. Unique culture
  3. Paradise

“The country has something for everyone; vibrant cities, great food, awesome people and breathtaking nature is never far away. If you're an adventure junkie like me there are plenty of things to do at any time of the year, from hiking to diving and everything in between. Everyone in Bali is open and friendly, within my first week I made lifelong friends and we now meet up for adventures on a regular basis.”

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