Gap Year Indonesia

Gap Year Indonesia

The year full of amazing experiences.

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Gap Year Adventure

Studying abroad during the academic year or the full year is an excellent academic opportunity. During the period of an academic year, you can become comfortable in a new culture, compliment your academic experience, and learn many things about yourself.

Work and Travel

Many people are taking gap years all over the world, travelling around the world, stopping for months, travelling with relative comfort and ease. A gap year can be a hole word travel, for any length of time, doing anything you want. You can build an orphanage in Bali, teach English as a foreign language in Lombok, trek through the Bromo in Java or travel around the "banana pancake trail" in South East Asia. A gap year is whatever you want it to be.

  • backpacking
  • career gap
  • travelling
  • time out
  • explore the world

The gap year is a long-term language course of 4 to 12 month duration, and is ideal as a year abroad to bring your language skills up to a high level! What could be better than learning Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia where you are surrounded by that language? Over the duration of a year, up to four languages or schools. You choose any combination you wish!

A gap year is usually a 12-month break taken from study or work in order for the individual to pursue other interests, generally markedly different from your regular life or line of work.

The gap year is more commonly applied who take a year (more or less) away from their regular studies. Some students may instead take a gap year before starting the last stage of their secondary education, or even after graduating from university. A gap year can be any break taken between life stages, whether that is between school and university, between university and work, or changing careers.

Common Gap Year

The name depend on what you will do, where, and your wish after the gap year.

  • pathway
  • prep-year
  • leap yea
  • defer year
  • bridge-year
  • drop year
  • year out
  • year off
  • overseas experience
  • or foundation year

Why a Gap Year

There are many reasons why you want to take a gap year. It is an opportunity to gain professional or personal experience, achieve specific goals and explore personal interests. If you’re applying for an university program and for an internship or volunteer, you will be expected to show that your gap year was productive and meaningful. So when planning a gap year you should consider how various activities will help you develop personally and intellectually, contribute to a good cause, gain a deeper understanding of the world, and develop enterprise, maturity, commitment and independence outside of formal education.

Gap Year Opportunities

  • Studying gap year
  • Volunteering gap year
  • Traveling gap year

Gap Year Backpacking

Taking a gap year is a big commitment. Anyone who has been on one will have quickly realised that it is nothing like a normal holiday, when you just dip your toes into a place and jet back home a week later. It becomes your life, and there is a lot to take in and learn.

Despite the well-worn phrase gap year, it is rare for travellers to spend literally a whole year away from home. Most backpackers are gone for less than six months. There are not much backpackers who go the whole hog.

Gap Year Facts

  1. Broaden your view of the world
  2. Gain relevant work experience and key skills
  3. Earn some money
  4. Develop useful contacts
  5. Make international friends
  6. Improve employability with key skills
  7. Challenge yourself
  8. Take time out between school and further studies/work
  9. Improve and gain new life skills
  10. Do something worthwhile

Gap Year Way

There are many ways to go abroad, why not spend the year or semester exploring your academics in new ways while still making progress to your degree. Some of these study abroad opportunities include:

  1. An academic internship
  2. A full year of voluntary in Indonesia
  3. Completing major/minor requirements
  4. Fulfilling general university requirements
  5. Improving foreign language skills or completing a foreign language requirement>
  6. Engaging with another culture

Top Tips for Gap Year

  • Do your research and speak to gapper who have been out there and done it.
  • Search around the web and ask.
  • Plan and prepare wisely, it takes several months to plan your gap year in Indonesia and to raise the funds.
  • Do not get on saving money at all costs, you will miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • A gap year is about enjoying yourself !
  • Be open-minded and the word you use most is YES.
  • Use the time for networking, it is an important time to develop networks that could help you in your future.
  • Get on Facebook and see if anyone is planning a similar trip.
  • and enjoy it !!!

Gap Year Summary
  1. Combine study and internship
  2. Full year BIPA
  3. Explore Indonesia

“It was a long term goal in my life to spend some time living abroad and I was ready for a change from my day to day life.”

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