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How to transfer the credits from University of Warmadewa.

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Acadmic Credit FAQ´s

Credit Acceptance

Prior to the acceptance of a study, internship, volunteer and language program, be sure to have all the information regarding the credit/grade approval process requirements from your home institution.

Your study plan might need be pre-approved by your study abroad advisor, the registrar, faculty advisor, dean or admissions officer, to ensure the maximum amount of credit for the courses taken will be received. The available course information on our website gives you the specific information, which are needed upon return to make sure the courses are accepted by your home institution.

Getting Credit

This information has the aim to give you a picture of the credit processing procedures and to ensure the processing. Your Coordinators will work with you to ensure that all credit from the Bali Studies Program at the Warmadewa University applies directly to your degree.

Study Credit Summmary
  1. Credit acceptance
  2. Course form
  3. Absence

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