Regulations for study abroad in Indonesia.


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Semester Program

The University Warmadewa (UNWAR) holds class and is fully responsible for all class held during the study program. This includes directions, contents, lectures as well as the granting of credit points for passed courses. UNWAR is responsible for any changes in the contents of lectures by.

Class attendance

Attendance at lectures, presentation, excursions and guest lectures are mandatory. An attendance rate of 75% is needed to be admitted to the final exams. Students who miss class for medical reasons must inform the resident coordinator.

Late arrival

Students are required to be present from the first day of the program orientation (see previous note). In some cases, there may be valid academic or personal reasons to arrive late.


The choice of the concentrations during the application process is seen as a request. Each concentration will take place in case an appropriate number of students chooses it.

Study Break

Vacation dates vary from semester to semester. The duration is 2 weeks and is approximately in the 5th study week.

Academic Record

Upon completion of the program, resident staff sends all supporting documentation to the Bali Studies office. The Bali Studies Academic Record is the official report provided for each participant. The Academic Record includes the student’s name, date of birth, term of attendance, and lists each course studied, the language of instruction, hours of instruction, suggested grade equivalence, and recommended semester hours of credit.

The Bali Studies Academic Record includes any supporting documentation provided by the host institution. In addition, each Academic Record is attached to a guide that includes detailed information regarding credit and grade conversions used. The university typically sends final grades from approximately 2-4 weeks after the program ending date.


You are responsible for all your own expenses (tickets, insurance, visa, housing, transportation, food and drinks, liability, etc.). You are responsible for paying the application fee and further fee and cover the related charges for the transfer.

Passport and Visa

You have to arrange a valid passport and visa. You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa, which will be a socio-cultural visa (SOSIAL BUDAYA).

International Insurance

You should ensure that you are covered by international travel insurance. Bali Studies is strongly recommendate an international health insurance.


You will respect the local culture (e.g. proper clothing, attitude, religion, etc.) and follow the policies and procedures of the Indonesian Laws.


Application and Payment

To apply for the Bali Studies Program (study program, internship placement, volunteer assignment, scholarship program, buddy program, referral program) the application form on the website must be completely filled out. After the Application is completed, Bali Studies send a confirmation of application containing your student ID as well as an invoice of an one-time administration fee of 50 €. Depending on the choice of program, additional cost may arise.

This registration fee has to be paid within 14 days after application. After receipt of payment a confirming e-mail will be sent. This e-mail may also contains the invoice for further fees.

The tuition fee has to be transferred not later than two month (January/June 31th) before the start of lectures. The student’s name in full as well as the student ID received from Bali Studies must be stated with all payments. The program fee is 1490 €. The fee covers the registration fee for the university, the tuition, the exam fee, and expenses for tuition material.

With transferring the application fee and the tuition, please include the following information preferably in this order: Student ID, Your Full Name, Program Name (Bali Bachelor; Bali Master; Bali Internship; Bali Volunteer; BIPA)

Application is possible either until the deadline (January/June 15th) or until the program is full. The application deadlines are obligatory. The number of participants to the program is limited.


We advise that you register not later then twelve weeks before the ideal starting date of your internship OR contact Bali Studies to see if there are any short term possibilities available.

The moment that Bali Studies have confirmed the mediation, an invoice will be sent by e-mail as soon as the application form, along with your resume and cover letter are received. The fee is the official signature that Bali Studies will start the mediation and you agree to the collaboration. Concerning the chosen service, may additional payment is required. The final invoice will be send at the moment that you and the internship company agreed on the internships contract. This will be confirmed through e-mail. You will be asked to pay at least a Deposit of 50 % and the another 50 % is payable 4 weeks for beginning the internship.


Assignments are offered by welfare organisations, charities and non-state or government-related organisations.

Through a volunteering agreement, a contractual relationship shall arise exclusively between the organisation and the volunteer. The organisation shall be responsible for the modalities of the volunteering agreement concluded with the volunteer and for the performance of his/her contractual obligations.

Bali Studies and the host organisation provides no reimbursement. If the host organisation not offer housing opportunities, Bali Studies or the host organisation will assist if able. The host organisation may provide lunch during the contribution and might share the costs for visa. Bali Studies or the host organisation will assist with documentation and visa extensions. Bali Studies or the host organisation may be able to assist if appropriate.


Bali Studies award once a year. The award periods reflect the range of dates on which students begin their overseas programs. You should consider your start date when selecting the appropriate award period. To be eligible for a scholarship you must be enrolled in a degree-granting program.

You may lodge one application, selecting just one scholarship. If you find that you are eligible for more than one award, please select the one for which you want to be considered.

All scholarship applicants must upload a transcript to their application. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted, however official transcripts may be requested should you be awarded a scholarship. Your uploaded transcript and additional documents must be in PDF format.

Excellence Program

Your listed reference should be an academic, a professor, who has had you in class and when contacted by Bali Studies, can specifically speak to your academic capabilities and your character.

Diversity Program

To meet the general eligibility requirements, you must self-identify as an ethnic minority.

Financial Need

To meeting the general eligibility requirements, you must demonstrate financial need through receipt of the Bali Studies Grant. A financial aid award letter from your institution is ideal documentation.

All Bali Studies Scholarship disbursements are made after the Confirmation of Participation form, as well as, any additional requested materials are received from the scholar. Scholarship will be awarded 4 weeks after applications have formally closed. This may vary depending on the volume of applications received. All applicants will be notified by email.


Please note that in all circumstances the application fee is non-refundable. Cancelling an application up to 9 weeks before the start of lectures (deadline June/ January 22th) is free. For cancellation, send an e-mail containing your name and student ID to Bali Studies.

No cancellation is possible later than 9 weeks before the start of lectures. With a cancellation later than 9 weeks before the start of lectures or an abortion of studies in Bali, no refund of the tuition is possible.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applied to the contractual agreements between Bali Studies and applicant. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) cannot be applied. The venue for all legal dispute between Bali Studies and you resulting from the contract is Hamburg.


If a provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these terms and conditions and automatically replaced by the new regulation.

Last update: December 2018